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The most important factor in getting self-assessment right,  is to ensure that your information, or if you are a business or self employed, your records,  are supplied to us in good time.

 Because final tax liabilities for the year covered by the self-assessment tax return and the first instalment of tax due for the following tax year, both become payable on the last date for filing, nasty surprises can await those who file their returns late. If tax returns are filed in good time, surprises can be eliminated, overpayments can be obtained sooner and liabilities can be provided for.

Please let us have the information necessary for the completion of your self assessment tax returns as soon as possible after 5th April each year. Clients who are in employment should let us have their documentation by 31st July if possible, because as long as their tax return is filed before 30th September, it is normally possible for any underpaid tax to be collected by way of an adjustment to the next year's tax code number. 

We file our clients' self-assessment tax returns by internet.

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Newly Self-Employed


It is essential that you notify us that you have commenced in business as soon as you are able to, as there is now a fixed penalty for not notifying the HM Revenue & Customs within three months of the date of commencement.